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But a hundred years from now when we’re sitting around during TV timeouts of the Hunger Games, we’ll be talking about one thing: “We’ll Take the Wind.” Just the gutsiest, most self-assured move in a career full of them. Where Belichick just hung his titanium testicles out in the wind and if Denver had marched down and punched it in, the whole nation would be standing in line for their chance to kick him in them with steel toed boots. It was 4th & 2 all over again only this time it won them the game. Like he told his team after that one, I made the call because I believe in you and I don’t apologize for it. And like the mics caught him saying on his “A Football Life,” “If we call this, we better fucking get it.” Well they got it. I just hope the country gives him as much credit this time as they friggin’ flambe’d him that time.
» Knee Jerk Reaction to Week 12: Pats vs Broncos Barstool Sports: Boston (via patspropaganda)

We all dream about finding that special someone, wondering when you will find them if ever. Well i have found that someone, that someone who can change my mood for the better just by the simple thought of them, who can make all my stress & worries disappear without a second thought, the moments we spend together just as special as the last, every second apart is a second too long. She’s most loving, caring person i know & when we’re together i couldn’t be happier. Our biggest obstacle is distance, even though we have to wait to see each other & till we can live near, it’s all worth the wait. So many memories already & many more to come in our future & you know what? I cant wait for our future together. I couldn’t imagine spending it with anyone else. I love you more & more each day :)

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